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First off, welcome to Slotu, the internet's greatest collection of free online slots games! So you might be asking yourself, what kind of people put such amazing amounts of effort into building the world’s largest collection of online slots? Why would they do such a thing? Who are these guys?

Fair enough. So a bit about us then! Basically, in a nut shell, we’re a small group of guys who simply love slots. Call us enthusiasts. Call us addicts. With 25 years offline and 10 years online slots experience, no matter how you slice it, we live for slots play.
The sheer diversity of online slots choices, in terms of types, themes, features, jackpots and so much more is simply mind-blowing… and we love it! Let’s face it, slots are fun, exciting and a great games to play. As the world of online slots expands at an exponential pace, we have every intention of growing right along with it.


Given our fascination with slot machines, it shouldn't be too hard to glean what our mission statement might be. Really, take a guess!
Our mission is to build the world’s greatest online slots community by bringing you the best possible selection of slots games available on the internet today.
We have every intention of being your one-stop-shop for all things slots related, from all the latest and greatest state-of-the-art, cutting-edge slots to revered traditional classics, if a slots game exists in the known universe, you’re sure to find it at Slotu… or we’re doing everything we can to bring it to you tout suite!

Our commitment to building the world’s greatest online slots community is unwavering.


At Slotu, we manually search the web for all the greatest slots available. After conducting meticulous research, we provide slots aficionados with honest information and reviews of all the world’s slots manufacturers and the games they produce.
Thoroughly believing that knowledge is power and information wants to be free, we take pains to review the company, their software and most popular games so you’re always in the know. With the slots’ world growing by leaps and bounds, we add new games and reviews each and every week to continually expand our catalog and always keep you up to date.


If you’re a die-hard slots fan or even just a casual player, you can help. We greatly appreciate any and all comments and opinions about any and all aspects of our website you care to share. You can even write instant comments about any given slot simply by scrolling down to the comments section below the slot.
We also provide you with the opportunity to rate your favorite slots by clicking on the stars at the top right of each machine, to make it easier for players to find the best ranked, most popular slots.

At Slotu, we continually strive for improvement and your insight and experience are an invaluable part of our ever-growing collective knowledge base allowing players to share, learn and take advantage of everything the world of slot machines has to offer.

Sharing the fun and spreading the joy of slots is what we at Slotu are all about. Join the krzemyki.plmunity today!
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