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Free Casino Technology Slot Machines

Casino Technology is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. It is considered as the old guard of the traditional casino industry, as the company has a long industrious history in the world of casino games. The company aspires to move to a digital platform and is also suggesting others to convert their brick and mortar casinos into the digital. Read More

The company was founded in 1999 & is currently doing business in more than 50 countries around the world. Their popularity means the players can enjoy games developed by Casino Technology in the most popular online casinos across Europe and America.

With the launch of Casino Technology Interactive, the company has been able to produce more than 500 individual products. Along with their popular slot machines, the company has introduced automated roulette wheels and bingo terminals for online casino platform.

The Big Five Suits

The technology called “The Big 5 Suite” has come as a multichannel gaming solution for Casino Technology that enabled it to switch from physical casino to the mobile-based gaming era. The company has adopted five animal-themed systems, which is a solution for every aspect of casino gaming.

Rhino: Physical casino operators used the system. This system allowed the operators to enjoy some options to control the slot floor. The tool also helped operators to assume their customers’ behaviour on the boards.

Leopard: Casino Technology’s Interactive branch developed this online gaming solution. The technology helps operators in managing and controlling their virtual casino business. The tool is beneficial for the players too, as it enables them to choose their favorite game from plenty of games.

Elephant: The tool is a remote gaming server that helps the company in distributing their gaming content across the gaming channels like desktop and mobile.

Buffalo: The tool plays an important role in the controlling prizes in both online and physical casinos. The tool also helps operators to configure casino’s pay-outs including progressive jackpots.

Lion: The system works as a money management system including cash transfer between different casinos. The system also helps customers enjoying hassle-free gambling activity, quick winning pay-outs and exemption from additional bank charges.

Offers Wide Range of Options

With its one and a half decade of experience, Casino Technology has developed nearly 500 titles including the slots, bingo and roulette games. Thus, no matter what place it is, if you have entered a Casino Technology enabled web page, you will have plenty of options to choose.

Free casino slots developed by the Casino Technology are incredibly well thought out. The animations of those virtual slots are quite fluid, symbols are bright and colorful, while sounds are engaging. However, games designed by Casino Technology are straightforward and easy to play.

However, if you are a fan of ultra-modern slot themes and gameplay, then you may find slots produced by Casino Technology a bit backdated. Casino Technology was a giant player in the industry of physical casinos. Since the casino had served players of the land-based casino for a long time, it has become habitual in developing traditional casino games, and that is why players often find their version familiar to game offered by land-based casinos.

Offers some Famous Titles

Casino Technology has given some hot games to the world of online casinos. Among top-ranked online casino slots, you can pick up the Fluftails, which is a pet-themed online slot that comes with a few pets on its reels along with a wild black cat symbol.

Bombay Gems is another one to put on the list. The slot will bring the color and glamor of Bollywood directly to your mobile device. However, the Irish-themed Misty Forest is the game you should not miss. The story of the slot derives from the heart of Celtic mythology. These are some of the most popular online slot games developed by Casino Technology. However, this not the end, as the developer is still trying to develop and introduce next generation online slot games for mobile generation players. Its online-focused division will continue to experiment with fresh and innovative games.

 A Reliable Source of Quality Products

Operators of both online and offline casinos have found the Casino Technology as a source of quality products. The casino games manufacturer is rapidly leaning towards the iGaming industry for next-generation audiences.

Games developed by Casino Technology provide a perfect gaming experience for veterans and senior gamers. However, the company is currently focusing on casual market and developing games keeping the sense of next-generation game players in mind.