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Red White Blue 7s Online Slot Review

When it comes to playing free American-themed, classic slots online, the Red, White and Blue 7s slot machine free online is as good as they get. Forget the bells and whistles, confusing features and indecipherable paylines that complicate most modern slots, Red, White and Blue 7s is dyed in the wool, simple, good old-fashioned, real thing. Read More

Game specification

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Look and feel the slot

Designed, by Betsoft, to have the look and feel of a traditional, 3-reel one-armed bandit, the Red, White and Blue 7s slot machine free online delivers 100% purity and simplicity. If nostalgia is your thing and you’re pining for the simpler times of the good old days, then playing the Red, White and Blue 7s slot for free or real money online is for you.

Conservative and traditional in its values, Red, White and Blue 7s offers you two views, a wide view that shows you the whole slot machine, including the paytables up top, to make you feel as if you’re actually standing in a classic casino with a bucket of change in your hands, ready to pull the lever.

The second view is called full view and shows you just the basics, including the spinning reels that actually look like reels and not comic strips, and buttons to see the paytable, bet one, spin reels and bet max.
The slot is rendered in a way that you can almost hear the mechanics of the spinning reels. Forget the dizzying nature of most modern slots with their overly sleek graphics, Red, White and Blue 7s is about as genuine and direct as an online slot can get.

The digital soundtrack is straight out of an old-fashioned video arcade, simple and direct and plays in a way that reminds you, despite the overall look and feel of the machine making it easy to think you’re actually in a real, brick and mortar casino, that you’re still actually at an online casino playing a real video slot.

Red, White and Blue 7s Game play

When it comes to winning symbols, 7s are the name of the game in the Red, White and Blue7s online slot machine. With this slot you won’t find any strange characters like tornadoes whirling by or a Tyrannosaurus Rex lunging at you out of the screen. Nope, just pure, traditional red 7s, white 7s and blue7s together with single BAR signs, double BAR signs and triple BAR signs also in red, white and blue. And that’s it, so strangeness, no unnecessary complexity, just good ol’ American red, white and blue.

Combinations of any one blue 7 pays the lowest win, one, two or three BAR signs pay out in a mid-range and three 7s comprise the higher paying wins with three red 7s paying out 1,000 coins for a 1 coin bet, 2,000 coins for a 2 coin bet and 5,000 coins for a 3 coin max bet.

A simple digital display on the right side of the reels, the kind that looks like your first radio alarm clock way back in the day with red numbers, displays what the winner is paid each spin, your credits and the amount of credits you are playing (max 3) on each spin.


Taken straight from the annals to the early, classic slot, if you’re looking for the straight forward fun and thrill of simple slots play, insert coin and pull lever, no incomprehensible flashing symbols, buzzers, lights, bells and whistles and confusing paylines, Red, White and Blue 7s is the ultimate in patriotic slots fun and the free online slots game for you!

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