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Stinkin’ Rich Online Slot Review

Many free online slots games actually start out on the brick and mortar casino floor, and Stinkin’ Rich, developed by IGT, is a game that has made the journey from the carpet to the computer. With a bit of a retro look and feel, due to a presence on the casino floor that dates back to before 2008, the free online version of Stinkin’ Rich is a digitally remastered version of the original classic casino video slot.

The game itself is based on an old phrase, “to be stinking rich”, which meant extremely, offensively rich. The term “stinking” was used as an intensifier in 20th century English, much like “drop-dead gorgeous” but the folks at IGT decided to interpret it literally, deploying a whole series of foul smelling, i.e. “stinking” symbols on the reels among a cast of characters that depict an extremely wealthy family. Read More

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Play Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine for Free

Wild symbol - Stinkin' Rich free slot game

The idea of the free Stinkin’ Rich slot game is, as the name implies, to become stinking rich piling up huge wads of cash. This 5-reel, 100 payline slot offers a max payout of up to 200,000 times your bet, a great way to get stinking rich yourself if you hit the jackpot!

The main protagonist of the game, and the slot’s wild, is a pink clad stinking lady stunk, who lives among the piles of garbage surround an uber rich family. The slots lower value symbols include a smelly pair of socks, a rancid sneaker, rotting eggs, a rotting, stinky fish, a rather odious head of garlic and some fairly putrid cheese that has clearly seen better days, even by the smelly cheese loving standards of the finest French connoisseurs.

The Stinkin’ Rich family is comprised of a cravat wearing, bearded billionaire with a diamond tipped cane, his posh, mink stole wearing wife, a pipe smoking blond playboy and a rather rotund, if not out-right snooty heiress.

The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine strategy allows you to bet up to 25 coins per payline, with the lady skunk as a wild. The reels scroll by on a lush pink background, to a fun loving, energetic digitally mastered sound track. The Stinkin’ Rich slots game also sports cameos by a male skunk that works as a scatter, the only symbol the lady skunk doesn’t replace.

Stinkin’ Rich Bonus Features

The game has two fantastic bonus features, spanning both ends of the spectrum, a Trash for Cash feature and a Keys to Riches bonus.

Trash for Cash bonus feature is a multiplier feature paying out from 6 to 40x your bet. With this feature you can scrounge up some hefty wins if you land the scatter symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 at the same time. Picking one of the scatter tiles allows you to unlock the multiplies value. The two tiles left behind will unveil cash prizes that are added together and then further multiplied by the first multiplier tile.

The Keys to Riches feature, activated when you land 3x the three keys symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3, unlocks an amazing fortune, that offers up 5 free spins for each of the paylines you bet and that can be re-triggered up to 325 free spins in one round.

The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine free without download is good fun to play, despite it having somewhat limited graphics as a result of its intended retro feel. For players who love the good old days of brick and mortar casino floor gambling but prefer the comfort of playing at home, in the office or on the go, Stinkin’ Rich offers up a wealth of ways to make your way from the poorhouse to the mansion.

With a payout rate of between 92.52% and 96.23%, this classically remastered free Stinkin’ Rich casino game allows you to experience the high-flying life of the uber rich jet set amid a touch of good old smelly reality that turns piles of trash into cash just for you.

Free play vs real money slots

One of the greatest things about the thousands of slots you’ll find here at Slotu, is that you always have a choice to play for free or up the ante and jump into real money slots play for fun and profit. Our amazing selection of over 5,000 slots means that you will always find the slot that’s just right for you. Use the free Stinkin Rich play option, with no download, no registration and no deposit required, and indulge in hours, days, weeks or months of fun learning how different themed slots, be they classic 3-reel retro feel slots, super modern 5-reel multiple payline and bonus feature slots or the latest and greatest 3D mega slots, actually work.

Once you’ve built up a solid knowledge of different slots features, gotten a feel for their pay out rates and decided which theme or set of themes are just right for you, then it’s time to really cash in. Play free online slots and watch yourself rolling in dough thanks to the wealth of bonus features including wilds, scatters, free spins and prize multipliers. Play for fixed maximum and minimum jackpots, or go for the real gold and try your hand at progressive jackpot slots to watch your entire life change in the blink of an eye (or, click of a mouse!).

Stinkin Rich Slots Strategy – how to increase your winnings

Tip no. 1 – Take full advantage of slots bonus codes

The online casino business is highly competitive, with casino operators always looking for new ways to engage players and keep loyal customers coming back for more. One of the way’s today’s best online casinos do this, and to separate themselves from the free drinks offering brick and mortar casino crowd, is to offer players casino bonuses to play slots.

Casino bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes, from the most common deposit match bonuses, to free spins, free chips, and VIP benefits.

Without a doubt one of the best ways to increase your overall play time, your chances of winning, fun and enjoyment is to remember to take full advantage of casino bonus offers when you play slots. Look out for free spin offers and the creme de la creme, no deposit bonuses. These are basically the casino’s way of giving you free money to play, keep on playing and win.

Tip no. 2 – Look for loose slots

Okay, it’s actually a myth that there is such a thing as loose slots. All online slots today, whether free online slots or play for real money online slots run on random number generators (RNG). RNGs are a computer algorithm that makes sure each and every spin is a completely unique event mathematically. So, in fact, your chances of hitting it big on the next spin because the slot has been paying out and is “hot” are exactly the same as if the slot were dead “cold”.

But what is true is that different slots do pay out at different rates. This varies in two main ways. The first is the payout rate of the individual slot in a particular casino. Payout rates vary from a low of 82%, which means the odds are far from in your favor, to a high of up to 98.8%, meaning you have an excellent chance of winning. The payout rates are set by the slots manufacturers as well as the individual casino. Try and find slots with the highest payout rates – sometimes this information is listed on the slots info pages, sometimes you can find info about a particular slot’s payout rates online, sometimes it’s just a shot in the dark.

The second factor influencing payout rates is if the slot offers a progressive jackpot or a fixed jackpot. Fixed jackpot slots pay out more frequently for smaller wins, whereas progressive jackpot slots, because the machine must allocate a percentage of each coin deposited to the ever-growing progressive jackpot, tend in general to pay out less often (to keep that progressive jackpot going up and up) and smaller amounts when they do.

At the end of the day the choice is up to you, more frequent, albethey smaller wins with smaller overall fixed jackpots, or going for the gold in hopes of hitting that mega progressive jackpot. But it’s a strategy worth keeping in mind whether you’re a newbie or a pro player.

Tip no. 3 – Think free

One of the best ways to up your slots game and make sure you have what it takes to hit that long awaited winning streak is to play free slots games online. Free online slots games, especially those with no download, no registration and no deposit, are a fantastic way to avail yourself of the opportunity to practice.

Free online mobile slots provide the ideal opportunity to learn how different, individual machines work, whether they are classic, retro 3-reel slots, ultra-modern 5-reel multipayline, multi-bonus feature slots or state-of-the-art 3D slots by Playtech.

Once you’re completely confident that you have the feel for how your favorite slots game is played and are confident that it’s the best way to maximize your entertainment and fun, it’s time to start to play real money slots, bulk out your bankroll and go for that life changing jackpot.

Tip no. 4 – Bet max

Today’s free online slots give you the opportunity to decide how much you want to bet on an individual payline or all the paylines on any given machine. The pros, however, recommend that you always bet max if your bankroll will allow it. The reason is simple, many different slots’ bonus features will only be triggered when you bet max. Bet the minimum and the wilds and scatters may apply, but if you really want to maximize your potential winnings, it’s always a good idea to bet max.

The key to determining which machines require a max bet to trigger their bonus features is in the paytables. Usually found in an online slots info or help section, there you’ll find how the bonuses, free spins and prize multipliers work and if a max bet is required to take full advantage of a winning spin on the machine. It’s always advisable to take some time and study the pay tables before you start playing real money slots as payouts vary widely by machine and amount wagered.

Don´t forget to check our complete guide How to Win at Slots!


So there you have it, four of the best professional tips for how to win at Stinkin Rich slot machine. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing free online slots just for fun, or are serious about playing real money slots and hitting the jackpot that will change your financial life forever, by following these simple slots tips, you’ll optimize your playing time, have more fun, enjoy your time more and, who knows, maybe even strike it truly Stinkin’ Rich!

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